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Forever Ended Yesterday

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All she ever wanted was a happily ever after
But when anyone can have her, it’s hard to find Mr. Right
I never thought that I would ever put it past her
It’s all she’s ever wanted
So get back in the kitchen
Give up. There’s no point in wishing,
A girl your age could fall in love
She doesn’t look like she’s sixteen
She’s all about herself, and I’m calling her out
She doesn’t look like a drama queen
Because you can’t get over someone you’re still under
And boyfriend became a temporary title
Her need for one was vital
But she swears to God it’s not the case
My God can take your pain
You stand by your man till you can’t stand him
You never have been understanding
Every guy says he’s different, and every girl will believe him
And you are no exception to guys that will vide for you af

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